About Me

Welcome and thanks for checking us out, because honestly, we were checking you out too ;)

What’s Wicked?

We love taking popular dishes from around the world and mashing them up into unapologetically bold, kick-ass global street food and serving them fresh on the streets of LA. Our menu is not defined by a particular region or single taste and is constantly evolving. So, don't be surprised to find new menu items popping up every now and then.

We use high quality ingredients and spices that deliver flavor-forward mash ups of globally-inspired dishes. Take a bite of our zesty Thai Beef Salad (aka “One Bite in Bangkok”), Coconut Chicken Curry Wrap (aka “Curry in a Hurry”) or masterfully spiced Gochujang Chicken Wings (aka “Gochujang Style”), and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

What’s the Story?

The whole adventure started some time ago when a few foodies became interested in the growing popularity of street food and began taking “work-related trips” to places like LA, New York, and Miami to dive mouth first into all the gourmet food they could find. They ate their way through local hot spots and gourmet food trucks, often long into the night. Tough job, right?

Excited by all the great-tasting food, they wanted to learn more. So they began asking several key questions such as “how can we continue learning about these awesome foodie trends?” and most importantly, “how can we continue to get out of the office and travel to these cool cities and eat like this on a regular basis?”

They immediately launched into a brainstorming session (think late Friday afternoon, a neighborhood bar, cocktail napkins, and a black Sharpie) until they came up with what seemed like a terrific idea. What better way, they thought, than to actually launch a gourmet food truck to find out firsthand what drives success on the streets of LA, birthplace of the U.S. food truck movement.

The following Monday they were confronted with the stark realization that they knew nothing at all about how to purchase or operate a food truck. So they decided to find someone who did.

After another round of cocktail napkin research, they came across Roaming Hunger who - in addition to being the largest aggregator of food truck locations across the country and a huge street food advocate - is also very helpful in starting a food truck business. Together, they formed a partnership and found a used tool truck (yeah, like hammers) and converted it into the Wicked Kitchen.

Where's Wicked?

We hoped you would ask. Come try wickedly-bold, freshly prepared meals at a curbside near you.

You can follow us on Twitter to find where we are and what we are serving or on Roaming Hunger at www.roaminghunger.com/wicked-kitchen

Twitter: @WickedKitchn
Instagram: @WickedKitchn

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or just feel like hollerin’, feel free to contact Ryan Carlin at Ryanc@wickedkitchen.com. And, thanks again for looking!

Where Has Wicked Been?

Giving out #TheEast posters at #foodtruckalley today! @foxsearchlight @20thcenturyfox @fox  (at Food Truck Alley)

Giving out #TheEast posters at #foodtruckalley today! @foxsearchlight @20thcenturyfox @fox (at Food Truck Alley)